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Год выпуска: 2017

Альбом: Kids And Matches

Жанр: Rock

Город: Тюмень

Закачал: vk5538532

Всего трек проигран 12 раз, запрошен пользователями 1 раз.

Последний раз трек проигран 2017-12-10 06:52:09 (запрос от Rain::Random)

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Baby, please, stop crying.

It’s so hard to see your tears.

I kiss your lips denying all my deepest fears.

I can’t believe I’m leaving.

It’s so warm in your embrace.

There’s no sense in living if I can’t enjoy your face.

Life is no place for sorrow.

Somebody, please, wipe away the war.

Who knows what happens tomorrow?

Just tell me what we’re а dying for?

I close my eyes and see your smile.

I think about it all the while.

From now and on I hate goodbye.

I beg you don’t cry.

Here’s my final letter.

Words are mixed with dirt and blood.

Was it ever better here and where’s my holy God?

Every bullet’s trying

To exhaust me by my fear.

I am slowly dying, soon I’ll disappear.

But I have no right to die here.

So I keep my head above the deep.

I wait for the days when I will be by your side and watch you sleep.

You’re the only truth that I believe in.

I will always guard the love I’m given.

I’ve found my only sense of life,

So I could get out from the hive.

The war is over, that is why

No more goodbye.