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Год выпуска: 2017

Альбом: Kids And Matches

Жанр: Rock

Город: Тюмень

Закачал: vk5538532

Всего трек проигран 9 раз, запрошен пользователями 1 раз.

Последний раз трек проигран 2017-12-02 00:49:57 (запрос от Rain::Random)

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So you have won the biggest prize.

Take the cover off your eyes.

You can get rid of all the chains,

But wait. The life outside is full of hate.

They will serve it on your plate.

And soon you’ll have it in your veins,

But you decide whether you’re free or tied up.

You are different.

But don’t be scared.

It’s so simple.

So get prepared.

It’s time to choose, bud.

Make me proud.

Take my hand or

Stay forever just a part of the crowd.

Break everyone who’s in your way.

Set the price and make ‘em pay.

No one has a right to hold us back.

Tell me if you’re satisfied

When you see in clear light

The parody of life they sold us.

You decide whether you’re free or tied up.

Give me one good reason to respect the laws that you obey (DISOBEY).

Now you can dispel the darkness, light the matches. Time to play.