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Год выпуска: 2017

Альбом: Kids And Matches

Жанр: Rock

Город: Тюмень

Закачал: vk5538532

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I’m a one-year old boy trying to make a step.

I’m a two-year old boy trying to say a word.

I’m a three-year old boy sitting on a mama’s lap.

I’m a four-year old boy holding a plastic sword.

Time’s not waiting.

What are the reasons I’m getting older?

Losing the time and heading for nowhere.

How can I stop it? I didn’t want it.

I’d like to change the past and run away.

I am twelve years old and I broke my father’s car.

I’m fourteen years old and I got my first love scar.

I’m sixteen years old and I’m trying to rebel.

I’m eighteen years old, I’m alone and my life is hell.

I’d like to change the past and run away from all the lies

That I have created. How can I deny the life that I painted?

Show me how to find a way to start over.

Please, help me. I’ve come too far.

I’m twenty years old and I hang out with my smartphone.

I’m thirty years old and I try not to break my bones.

I’m forty years old and fake my great success.

I’m fifty years old and my body is fucking mess.