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Год выпуска: 2017

Альбом: Kids And Matches

Жанр: Rock

Город: Тюмень

Закачал: vk5538532

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Hey, I’m drunk. Please, take me home (take me home).

I need some silence.

Stay. Don’t leave me here alone (all alone).

With my defiance.

Lay me down and listen closely.

Fear scratching in the walls (in the walls).

It’s so cold.

Silent steps in the hall.

Lock the door. Save my soul.

I don’t know why I should hide myself.

Feeding the darkness inside.

I’m too tired to fight myself.

Living and searching for light.

Now these demons in my head (in my head)

Are screaming louder.

How can I get rid of it? (Can’t get rid)

It’s getting harder.

I don’t mind you lending me a hand.

But if you’re one of them (she’s one of them),

Then I’m lost.

Silent smile on your face

Shows that we gonna fall from grace.

And I know there’s something wrong.

And by the morning I’ll be dead.

But now my heart and soul belong

To the fallen angel in my bed.